Process Optimization

Increase the flexibility of your process landscape and raise the degree of efficiency of your workflow execution

Processes reflect the way your company and your teams and suppliers work. To scale an organization, processes should be based on a set of pillars that cover the lifecycle of your processes from design to execution and revision. Our offer for process optimization explores potential improvement opportunities for such pillars in relation to process flows, their digitalization, automation, and organizational implementation. The realization of such potential can be directly linked to increased productivity and a reduction in operating costs.

Topic & focus areas

Relevant use cases

We support you in the strategic positioning of your IT processes. At the same time, we help you assign process roles accordingly and set up effective governance practices for you. For continuous improvement, we integrate feedback loops as an integral part of your process execution.

Some of the topics covered:

  • Integral placement of processes
  • Process governance & compliance
  • Continuous process optimization
  • Process & organizational transfer
Relevant use cases

We help you define documentation structures that make your information needs more accessible to your teams and customers. At the same time, we standardize process templates for you and design agile documentation for easy administration and knowledge transfer.

Some of the topics covered:

  • Determination of documentation requirements
  • Definition of documentation hierarchies
  • Introduction of agile documentation methods
  • Transfer from documentation to knowledge
Relevant use cases

As a building block for your ITSM process implementation, we help you develop your future process orientation and a service process roadmap. We support you in configuring your processes by providing and implementing your ITSM systems. We also develop modular training strategies and create clear boundaries between your teams and suppliers.

Some of the topics covered:

  • Lead the ITSM tool implementation
  • Ownership & role concepts
  • Process configuration & interfaces
  • Execution of process & system training
  • Ensuring operational readiness
Relevant use cases

We support you in identifying automation potential to increase process and workflow efficiency and evaluate the integration of your processes in terms of seamless information flow and short ticket life cycles. At the same time, we help you plan a future-oriented orchestration of processes and tools to create value for process participants and customers.

Some of the topics covered

  • Process automation
  • Process integration
  • Workflow automation & orchestration
  • Architectural integration

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