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Use your ESM/ITSM platform as a tactical means to achieve your strategies

Based on repeated project business regarding ITSM tool implementation, we understand the real challenges of “living” service management. This is precisely why we are the ideal partner for defining and integrating your end-to-end service delivery, as well as evaluating, selecting and implementing the most suitable ESM/ITSM systems.

In addition, we accompany you in setting up and optimizing your service and supplier onboarding processes and optimizing your corresponding governance practices.

The journey from ITSM to ESM through successful platform implementation

Depending on your system landscape, implementing or migrating a tool can be a challenging endeavor, especially when the requirements are not fully defined, vendors promise too much functionality, and the long-term position and scope of the ITSM system within the company’s product portfolio are still being defined.

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To successfully introduce a new tool, you should first identify the exact requirements and issues. Conduct thorough market research, compare and evaluate various tools, and implement the selected tool in a pilot phase. Gather feedback, make adjustments, and ensure that teams are adequately trained. Continuously monitor the tool’s performance, remain flexible, and communicate clearly with the teams to ensure a successful implementation and problem resolution.

Selecting the optimal ITSM platform depends on various crucial factors. A thorough analysis of AI capabilities, integration options, as well as usability and scalability is essential to ensure that the tool not only meets your current needs, but also supports future developments. Strategic and long-term selection of an ITSM tool requires an in-depth analysis of current and future business needs and an emphasis on scalability to keep pace with your business growth. The reputation of the platform provider also plays a role. A comprehensive support and training offering as well as integration into your corporate architecture ensure that the platform is ready for the future.
The relevance of artificial intelligence (AI) for our company is crucial and should be carefully considered when selecting an ESM/ITSM tool. Integrating AI capabilities can provide significant benefits in terms of automated processes, intelligent data analysis, and proactive troubleshooting. It is therefore important to evaluate your requirements and ensure that customizable and scalable AI capabilities are in place.
Process automation plays a crucial role in increasing efficiency. An ITSM system can ensure you work more efficiently by providing comprehensive automation features. The tool should be able to automate repetitive tasks, optimize workflow processes and enable seamless integration between different systems.
Acceptance of the tool can be ensured by communicating early and transparently, actively involving employees in the selection and implementation process, and offering training. The user-friendliness of the tool plays a crucial role. Integrated and efficient ITSM processes can help ensure smooth processes and faster response times through the tool, which leads to a positive impact on the customer experience.

Our expertise

With years of experience in managing implementation and migration projects, as well as the enhancements of various ITSM systems, we can support you in the selection, evaluation and implementation of your ESM/ITSM platform strategy.

Development of a tool & data strategy and its integration aspects

Carrying out tool evaluations and supporting the selection process

Assessment & planning of process optimization and governance practices

Taking over project management activities including GRC & MoC
Assessment of supplier environment, operating models & contract objects
Coordination of operations handover of new IT services, products & suppliers

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