ITSM Systems migration with supplier integration via technical interfacing

Migration from an existing ITSM application based on Lotus Notes to the ticketing system ServiceWare ‘helpLine’, as well as the integration of external service providers with tenant-appropriate access with the goal of seamless collaboration.

Customer Profile

The customer is a leading Payment Service Provider and specialist in cashless payments. They offer a wide range of payment solutions catering to the needs of both brick-and-mortar retail and e-commerce.

Methods & Technologies

– PRINCE2, Agiles Projektmanagement, TQM - V-Model, ADM, ITIL3.0, PCI, MaRisk / BAIT, GDPR
– Atlassian - Jira & Confluence, ServiceWare ITSM, MS365, MS Visio

Starting Situation

The customer faced the challenge of replacing a Lotus Notes-based ticketing system. The new ITSM system was provided by a service provider and was already partly used by the customer and other service providers for service delivery. It was necessary to integrate the functionalities from the Lotus Notes legacy system into the existing ITSM helpLine ticketing system while ensuring continuity of the legacy system operation until the new solution was implemented.


To meet the requirements, a customized solution was developed. This included implementing a "quasi-tenancy" capability in the ITSM helpLine module to enable access by service providers. Furthermore, adjustments were made in the separation of tenants and roles, as well as in the classification and search logic, to accommodate specific needs. The existing tickets were modified accordingly to meet the requirements and ensure seamless integration. Additionally, an ACD system for the web client was integrated to optimize communication. Mail communication and contact history were also adjusted to enable efficient collaboration.


The implementation of "quasi-tenancy" enabled more efficient information access by service providers. Adjustments in tenant and role separation, as well as in classification and search logic, improved the adaptability of the ITSM ticketing system. The optimization of ticket structure and processes led to smooth integration of processes of other service providers. The integration of an ACD system for the web client and adjustments in mail communication and contact history fostered improved collaboration, resulting in higher customer satisfaction. The benefits for the business mainly included efficiency gains through a unified ticketing system, improved collaboration with external service providers, increased customer satisfaction through faster responses, scalability of service processes, and potential cost savings through optimized resource utilization.

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