ESM / ITSM Business Model Services

How your service innovation can turn to digital transformation for your customers.

If you are active in the service, technology, or consulting business and wish to expand your portfolio to the development, implementation, and consultation of ESM & ITSM services to enhance and complete your customers’ experience, then we aspire to be the partner you seek.

Our ESM/ITSM Business Development Services focus on creating unique and innovative ITSM service offerings for your clients, positioning your company in the ITSM consulting market.


Building professional ITSM service offerings for the growth of your business

Depending on your current service offerings, we support you in setting up and implementing new ITSM business models so that your future ITSM practices and system implementation projects run smoothly.

We support you in:

Most frequently asked questions

To build a successful IT Service Management (ITSM) consulting business model, you should conduct thorough market research, clearly define your target audience, and differentiate yourself. Develop a comprehensive service portfolio, ensure that your team is qualified and certified, and establish strategic partnerships.

Continuous improvement and adaptation are crucial to ensuring long-term success.

Develop a clear pricing strategy that reflects the value of your services. Consider the competitive landscape and the added value your consulting services provide.

Create a service portfolio that covers a wide range of ITSM. Try to find your focal points however, such as process optimization, use of AI, tool implementation, training and continuous improvement. Take current industry standards and best practices into account.

Make sure your team has the necessary ITSM skills and certifications. This can include various standards such as ISO, ITIL, COBIT and depends on your strategic product partners and regional industry-specific requirements.
Establish partnerships with relevant consulting and technology providers, as well as software manufacturers, to strengthen your portfolio. Network with other industry experts and companies to explore potential collaboration opportunities. The path is much more difficult if you go it alone.

Our expertise

We help you to conceptualize your new ESM/ITSM business model and the corresponding scope of services and integrate them into your existing business development practices.

Development of a strategies, service, product, and consulting portfolios

Realization of portfolios & preparation for discussions with product partners

Evaluation of contractual requirements for service provision

Standardize service delivery into existing processes and support models
Development, management and setup of programs and projects, including MoC
Integration of new business models into your sales & pre-sales consulting

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