Consulting and service-based solutions for your service management

Deployable consulting and service-based solutions for your strategic needs

PAAN-Group Consulting offers you highly sought-after expertise and proven solutions in the areas of consulting, project management, and process optimization, as well as system implementation in Enterprise & IT Service Management.

Our goal is to bring your organization closer to being a fully service-experienced and customer-oriented company.

ESM / ITSM Business Model Services

We support you in establishing new business models and in the conception and expansion of your service and product portfolio with respect to the development and distribution of ITSM & ESM solutions to your customers.

The goal is to ensure that your ITSM business helps your customers implement internal ITSM practices more effectively. 

Starting points:


We assist in identifying, managing, and automating your end-to-end service deployments, as well as in evaluating and selecting the best and most suitable ESM/ITSM systems. Additionally, we support you in establishing and transitioning the operations of your service and supplier onboarding processes and optimizing your corresponding governance practices.

Starting points:​

Service Center Setup & Optimization

We have successfully set up various service desks & operations centers and integrated them into existing service processes. We therefore know what it takes to optimize desired response and resolution times, improve customer experiences and develop the skills of your service teams according to customer needs.

Starting points:​

Solution Approach

Our service based and standardized consulting solution are based on experiences, proven procedures and subsequent ready-made concepts and templates to solve known service management challenges. Of course, these can be adapted to your specific needs.

Standardized Approach

Our standard procedures enable consistency, efficiency and quality improvements in your IT services. They promote collaboration, reduce risk and facilitate compliance.​

Tested Templates & Approaches

The use of our templates and approaches enables efficient project implementation, promotes proven methods and accelerates decision-making processes regarding planning & Execution.

Application of Industry Standards

Applying best practice standards allows you increased interoperability and improved quality assurance, which can lead to more efficient process execution.

Flexible Methods Tailored to Your Business

By using flexible methods tailored to your company, you increase your service agility in order to be able to offer quickly implementable solutions.​

Modular Service Packages

Our modular service packages offer you flexibility, customized solutions, cost transparency, and the ability to quickly adapt to new requirements, which can increase customer satisfaction.

Individual Service Configuration

Choosing an individual service configuration allows for a customer-specific orientation towards your needs, which leads to prioritizing your efforts in terms of service quality.

Independent Use of Technologies

We offer technology-independent consultation and specifically address your technical needs in order to provide unbiased recommendations regarding available solutions.​

Adaptation to Your Technical Environment

We act product-independently and adapt to your technical environment. This enables you to neutrally integrate and provide more effective services from our experts in projects.​

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