Service Value Assessment

"Anything can be a service." - create added value around the needs of your customers.

Our service value proposition focuses on assessing your service management functions, processes, and tools. The results obtained propose improvement opportunities and highlight potential risk related to service definition, service delivery, operational integration, and organizational readiness, which in turn enables the transformation from customer experience to customer loyalty.

Topic & focus areas

Relevant use cases

We support you in identifying your full service potential and putting customers at the center of your decisions, starting with your own internal employees. We also derive performance characteristics from user requirements and standardize your services and support models.

Some of the topics covered:

  • SaaD – Service as a Driver for effective decision making
  • Service experience: equal opportunities for employees & customers
  • Customer needs analysis
  • Service standardization
Relevant use cases

We evaluate your customer service and standardize your support models for a consistent service experience. We also help leverage your collaboration and information sharing capabilities to improve and strengthen customer experience.

Some of the topics covered:

  • Support process & scope
  • Evaluation of customer interaction
  • Team & customer integration
  • Building service knowledge through Knowledge Centered Services (KCS)
Relevant use cases

We help you evaluate your processes for value-based service delivery and user support. We also help with the integration of services into end-to-end processes and define data-based needs for maximum service value creation.

Some of the topics covered:

  • Evaluation of your standardization maturity level
  • End-2-End process design & optimization
  • Analysis of data requirements for added value creation
  • Communication & information flow
Relevant use cases

We support the design of flexible and scalable contract structures for maximum service value creation. We help to clearly define your services in order to avoid contractual scope for interpretation. In addition, we develop optimized performance evaluations of your suppliers.

Our expertise covered:

  • Contract structures & design
  • Service definition
  • Operational integration
  • Transparency & measurability

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