PAAN-Group Consulting

Paan-group service overview

PAAN-Group Services are comprised of four main pillars covering solutions for a broad spectrum of IT and Enterprise Service Management challenges faced by many organisations today. The aim is to combine and draw from the most relevant topics in order to create a service constellation that produce sustainable and scalable solutions for our clients. 

Process Optimization

Optimized processes reflect the way of working within your organization and your suppliers, and lay the foundation for any acquisition or consolidation efforts. In order to scale your organization, your foundation must be grounded with a set of process pillars addressing the life-cycle of your processes, from the draft board all the way to its execution.

Process Landscape

Processes & Organisation

Your process inventory is closely tight to your organisation. Evaluate the purpose and placement of your processes.

Process focus

It always starts with processes and those involved. Define your process goals to advance your technical ecosystem.

ITIL & ISO standards

Industry standards act as your compass. Use them in your organization to get the biggest possible buy-in.

Enablement of roles

Summarize responsibilities into process roles and place them effectively in your organization.

Governance and Performance

Process prerequisites

Define what you need to manage and run your processes by assessing your individual prerequisites.

Governance practices

Establish and adjust the most suited governance practices in order to fully control your processes.

KPIs - Keep People Involved

Do not merely measure processes performance, but how people engage with their process tasks.

Continual optimization

Establish improvement as a focal mindset and create continuous feedback loops as part of the processes execution.

End-2-End Fulfillment

Big picture

Establish the big picture as part of your process strategy and identify your end-2-end process scope.

Service & business integration

Extend service management and IT onto your business units by defining your process integration points.

B2S - Business-2-Service

Ensure all your service management and IT processes are defined by actual business needs and the value they create.

En2-End automation

Where critical, automate processes from an end-2-end perspective, including the needed data flow.

Design and Documentation

Documentation structure

Define a documentation structures to ensure your information needs are accessible and usable.

Documentation needs

Know the granularity level of your documentation and capture information through static- and system-templates.

Agile documentation

Design your documentation and documentation procedures to accommodate dynamic content changes.

Documentation & knowledge

Find the most suitable automation and search capabilities for your documentation to ensure instant access to knowledge.

Process Implementation

Envision & design

Envision the future progression of your business and design your service portfolio roadmap according.

Build & stabilize

Build your organization and processes, and configure and customize your tools in alignment with your service map.

Support & run

Plan for service readiness and ensure an effective handover to operations and integration into your support models.

Operate & improve

Run the services and their infrastructure, applications, processes and organization based on your committed service levels.

Organizational Readiness

Process & organization

Place the right processes onto the right organizational units and teams to ensure a seamless overlap of responsibilities.

Process cards

Create the right process cards providing the roles, authority and access rights to steer the processes to their best performance.

Accountability & responsibility

Distinguish between accountability and responsibility and define demarcation lines between your team and your suppliers.

Process training

Build effective training strategies and convey knowledge through a hands-on approach.

Turn your story into an ITSM success story:

We have helped many of our clients determine the best approach to implementing and improving their ESM and ITSM practices. This included the above listed ESM and ITSM consulting considerations.

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