PAAN-Group Consulting: trusted partnership in ITSM & ESM

Increasing IT Service Management and Enterprise Service Management capabilities for improved customer experience and digital transformation

Berlin, Germany – Founded in 2014 with headquarters in Berlin, PAAN-Group Consulting has established itself as a driving force in consulting in the areas of IT Service Management (ITSM) and Enterprise Service Management (ESM). Known for its focused commitment to delivering service value, PAAN-Group Consulting stands as a critical partner that not only offers consultation, but actively works with clients to identify and complete essential tasks to optimize business intelligence, process automation and improve the overall performance of implemented service offerings.

Awarded as one of the top 10 ITSM consulting companies in the German market, PAAN-Group Consulting was able to successfully implement numerous projects for customers with the contribution of its expert partner network.

The core of PAAN-Group Consulting’s philosophy focuses on accompanying organizations on a transformational journey to become fully service-oriented entities. With a comprehensive, hands-on approach that includes among others tool implementation, process automation and service desk setup, the company empowers organisations to excel in digital transformation and deliver exceptional customer experiences. The focus of such an approach is set on sustainability and scalability of the objectives and tasks to be carried out.

“At PAAN-Group Consulting, we don’t merely consultant but act as a strategic partner that aims to steer IT organizations onto a comprehensive service- and customer-oriented route and position them as future independent enablers,” explained Paul Karnowka, founder of PAAN Group Consulting. He further emphasized: “Our task is to lead our customers closer to the realization of operating within an authentically service-oriented and customer-focused organizational model.”

One of the outstanding features of PAAN-Group Consulting is its ability to adapt to a diverse range of industries, making it independent of industry and technology. From large to mid-size businesses, the company supports IT organizations of various sizes operating in single-vendor and multi-vendor environments.

Main offers from PAAN-Group Consulting:


  1. Enterprise & IT Service Management
    PAAN-Group offers a holistic perspective on service management. In addition to the agreed scope of services, the experts assess the current situation and suggest scalable implementation and development approaches to enable future growth and reduce unnecessary efforts.
  2. Services Value Assessment: PAAN-Group Consulting conducts comprehensive value analyzes of services tailored to each client’s unique requirements to create a tailored plan for success.
  3. Process Automation: Through meticulous analysis and strategic insights, PAAN-Group Consulting optimizes processes to improve efficiency, operations and overall performance.
  4. Digital transformation: When accompanying organizations through digital evolution, PAAN-Group Consulting supports companies in remaining competitive and ready for the future.


  1. ESM / ITSM Business Development: PAAN-Group Consulting supports companies in building and expanding new business strategies and offers their customers corresponding ESM / ITSM consulting services.
  2. ESM / ITSM Tool Implementation: With expertise in modern tools and technologies, PAAN-Group Consulting supports the selection and seamless implementation of ESM and ITSM product solutions.
  3. Service Desk Setup and Optimization: With a particular focus on exceptional customer experiences, PAAN-Group Consulting specializes in setting up and optimizing service desks for improved service and inquiry processing.

As proof of its industry expertise, PAAN-Group Consulting was recognized as one of the top ten companies in the ITSM consulting sector in the “Vendor Selection Matrix™ – ITIL Process and Optimization Consulting in Germany”, thus consolidating its position as a pioneer in the industry.

For media inquiries, interviews and further information, please contact:

Paul Karnowka
Owner / Founder of PAAN-Group Consultng
0049 (0) 30 250 17 900

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About PAAN-Group Consulting:

Originating in Dublin, Ireland in 2010, PAAN-Group Consulting was re-established in 2014 with its headquarters in Berlin, Germany. The company has since established itself as a pioneer in the areas of IT Service Management (ITSM) and Enterprise Service Management (ESM) in the German market. Through a comprehensive, practical approach, PAAN-Group Consulting delivers services and helps organizations develop sustainable and scalable solutions that prepare clients for future challenges and subsequent opportunities. The company’s commitment to excellence has earned it recognition among the top ten ITSM consulting firms in the “Vendor Selection Matrix™ – ITIL Process and Optimization Consulting 2019 Germany”.


Contact: 0049 (0) 30 250 17 900
Year founded: 2014
Address: Lloyd-G.-Wells-Strasse, 14163 Berlin, Germany

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