Servicenerds.Camp 2024: the ITSM-unconference

19 April 2024
Image courtesy to: https://servicenerds.camp/

Servicenerds.Camp - the concept: ITSM unconference

The 17th Servicenerds.Camp will take place on April 19th and 20th, 2024 in Hanover!

No manufacturer lectures, no paid user reports – just you, your experience and the exchange with other practitioners.

If you ask participants at a conference what was the best thing, they would say: the breaks and the exchange with other participants. That is exactly the concept of unconference.

consumer and producer

Design the program! Apart from a frame, there is only the location and time slots in advance. The participants determine and design the content.

You and your experience

Talk about what interests you: a project, a method, the routine or discuss a current issue. We will define the program together at the start of the unconference.

Whoever comes counts

No matter how many participants are interested in your topic, they are definitely the right ones. The exchange is the focus. It brings you and others further.

No manufacturer lectures

The exchange between practitioners is the focus of the unconference. If you want to see tools from manufacturers, there are plenty of other events.

No reference customers

People learn primarily from mistakes. Reference reports are of little use to you. Therefore, we forego this and concentrate on everyday issues.


More at: https://servicenerds.camp/

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