ServiceSpace. The ITSM community’s class reunion.

Workshops & Roundtables
18 June 2024
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Lectures, round tables and workshops

On June 18, 2024, Location: Schönbrunn Conference Center

Lectures, round tables and workshops for all service management employees –
from beginners to experts. From team leader to CIO.

Enterprise service management is becoming a reality for more and more companies – anyone who is familiar with IT service management and the latest tools and technologies has an advantage. Service Space is the largest exhibition of the service management industry in Austria. Knowledge arises where people meet.

DevOps has become a “daily business” for many, but it rarely runs smoothly anywhere. At Service Space we bring the “Dev” and “Ops” people together. In real life.

Sustainability – a topic that affects us all. With the EU directive on sustainability reporting coming in 2022, even medium-sized companies will be required to prepare reports on their social and environmental impacts. This means, for example, disclosing the CO2 balance and the situation regarding issues such as gender equality and diversity. This results in enormous demands on IT, opportunities for service management and an incentive to realize a lot of open potential in IT companies.

We are pleased that the mix of interesting lectures, discussions, workshops and the largest ITSM tool expo in Austria is so well received every year. But the best thing is: we will meet in person again, exchange ideas and celebrate with each other.

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