PAAN-Group Consulting

Paan-group service overview

PAAN-Group Services are comprised of four main pillars covering solutions for a broad spectrum of IT and Enterprise Service Management challenges faced by many organisations today. The aim is to combine and draw from the most relevant topics in order to create a service constellation that produce sustainable and scalable solutions for our clients. 

Enterprise & IT Service Management

Our Enterprise & IT Service Management consultation provides you with a holistic perspective regarding Service Management. We focus on the work at hand, delivering as defined however, also assess your situation and propose a scalable implementation approach where ever possible in order to accommodate for future growth.

IT and Service Strategy

Frameworks & transparency

Build the foundation for a shared vision among your teams and derive needed capabilities within your company.

Compliance & strategy planing

Integrate aspects of compliance and governance into your strategy increasing your chances of successful audits.

Definition & strategy execution

Plan and enable resources to execute your strategy, and identify group of leaders and the people involved in the day to day work.

Performance & feedback

Lay out a plan to intergrate your strategy into daily operations and involve the right people in the execution.

Service Portfolio and Catalogue

Service strategy alignment

Align your service portfolio and catalog with your strategies and identify any potentially consolidation opportunities.

Service portfolio & offerings

Maintain an end-to-end oversight of your service portfolio in a manageable and integrated way.

Service structures & mapping

Define the prerequisites for your service portfolio such as service structures and dependencies.

Service requests & fulfillment

Make your services accessible through an online service catalog supported by automated fulfillment processes.

ITSM Purchasing and Bidding

Strategic purchasing decisions

Place your system into your enterprise ecosystem and position it to assist strategic changes within the organisation.

Process compliance

Keep control over incurred costs and compliance needs by preparing and allocating resources for audits.

Requirements gathering

Purchase products with well defined requirements and a high degree of certainty of the bidding outcome.

Assessment & evaluation

Effectively evaluate offers to see whether your requirements are met while ensuring objectivity.

Federated Data Management

Enterprise service architecture

Find the right data coming from the right sources and interfacing to the right systems for the right purpose.

Data dependency framework

Build your “data house” to ensure ALL strategy, service management, operational and financial aspects are covered.

Process to data mapping

Define your process-driven data needs in line with process execution to ensure a highly responsive IT environment.

Data maintenance & automation

Automate data maintenance and converge your data quality across your ecosystem to guarantee improved customer service.

System Implementation

Tool evaluation & implementation

Select the best system for your automation needs and opt for a module-based and agile implementation roadmap.

Project planing & execution

Effectively setup and control your implementation projects with little overhead and the necessary expertise to plan ahead.

Contractual reviews & negotiations

Ensure the suppliers’ services are in line with the project and operating needs via negotiations tactics & contractual reviews.

Organisational readiness

Manage organizational change and reduce the impact on users and customers through effective readiness assessments.

SIAM and Supplier Management

SIAM framework

Enhance your supplier environment through a holistic integration framework and early involvement of service requirements.

Supplier governance model

Establish a scalable governance model to ensure pro-active supplier performance at every level of your service life cycle.

ITOM & ITSM integration

Align projects, support, and operations by federating & standardizing processes, data and interfaces among your suppliers.

Performance & optimization

Control supplier and team performance and continuously identify optimization, automation, and digitalization opportunities.

Turn your story into an ITSM success story:

We have helped many of our clients determine the best approach to implementing and improving their ESM and ITSM practices. This included the above listed ESM and ITSM consulting considerations.

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