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PAAN-Group Consulting aims to professionalize organizations in ways IT is run as a service. Our extensive experience in Enterprise & IT Service Management, Multi-Project Management and Quality Management have resulted in sustainable solutions for our clients, reaching beyond a company’s mere IT functions.

Recognized as a key driver for change, we rest on our competencies to take on a comprehensive service approach in  producing lasting results for our clients. 

Showcase of paan-group case studies & projects

Standardization of service design and operational on-boarding for workplace services:
Designing and piloting the process for service design & service on-boarding of new smart managed workplace services, including service readiness & supplier integration aspects within the consumer goods industry.

The client is an international diversified corporate group headquartered in Germany and founded in 1883. The main business is the direct distribution of household appliances and cosmetics.
The client operates in more than 70 countries worldwide as of 2014.

Highly specialized servicenow™ training for an ITSM consulting firm:
Designing a concept for functional and technical servicenow™ platform training within the consulting business as part of the junior consultant on-boarding curriculum.

The client is one of the leading ICT service providers in the German market for data center, network and application operations. With more than 800 employees, the client develops and operates information systems for its customers, ensures long-term system support and the availability of critical operating processes.

ITSM evaluation & optimization for a public IT service provider:
Evaluation and optimization of the IT Service Management system landscape and ITSM processes, including the aggregation of data sources to meet license management requirements in the public sector.

The clients belongs to Germany’s public IT Service providers responsible for providing IT solutions, support functions and IT operations for all authorities within the entirety of the regional state of Berlin.

Setup of an operations center for remote infrastructure management (RIM):
Setup of a far-shore remote management of infrastructure and SAP architecture (RIM) function spread across two data centers, including asset migration and process transition from a single- to a multi-vendor environment within the logistics and transportation industry.

The client used to be the world’s leading manufacturer of both planes and trains. The rail division had 60 production and engineering sites in 28 countries with over 37000 employees. Its portfolio covered the full spectrum of rail solutions, ranging from complete trains, sub-systems, maintenance services, system integration and signalling.

IT strategy & operations within a heterogeneous IT landscape for real estate financing:
Drafting and implementing a new IT service strategy, including the organisational repositioning of the IT department with the aim for a closer alignment with the overall business strategy for a real-estate financing company.

The client has almost 150 years of experience in professional real estate financing and close ties to the largest savings banks finance group in Germany. This makes the client one of the leading German real estate and bond certificate banks. With its main focus on customer-centric and standardised future-oriented processes, the bank is faced with challenges of continuously undergoing transitional changes with strenuous demand for strategic alignment. The bank is headquartered in Berlin and operates numerous offices spread across other locations throughout Germany, as well as in Amsterdam, Paris and Warsaw.

Establishment of a quality management systems (QMS) and successful ISO auditing:
Implementation of a Quality Management System in accordance with ISO 9001 Norms for a German-based satellite imaging and geo-spacial information provider.

The clients was a German geospatial information provider focused on assisting in management decision-making through services based on their own Earth observation imagery. The company operated a five-satellite constellation producing 5 meter resolution imagery offering know-how in satellite image analysis and business consulting. Today, the client’s brand name refers to the constellation of 5 earth observation satellites owned and operated by a California-based geo-spacial information provider.

Near-shore contact center setup for high-security product support:
Setup of a new multi-level near-shore Contact Center for the support of ID and authentication products and e-Government services within the public sector.

The clients is Germany’s largest public limited company providing identification and security services rooted in the secure identification of citizens, customers, employees and systems in both the analogue and digital world.
In addition, its subsidiary is the largest accredited and qualified trust service provider in Germany. The company is a pioneer in the field of secure electronic identities and is among the few German trust service providers listed by Germany’s Federal Network Agency (Bundesnetzagentur).

Strategic support developing a product portfolio and a collaboration platform:
Project Management of a collaboration platform within the creative industry, covering the project management, functional requirements and technical development aspects across multiple vendors.

The client is an online network and collaboration provider with social media and networking capabilities within the creative industry. Committed to help the individual and company grow their professional network, the company’s unique offer lies in drawing together the core people to work together on a wide range of projects and productions within a specialized community.

A solid background in running projects:

Among the showcased projects, there are many more examples when our specialists have lead successful projects for our clients, bringing the set out goals across the finish line and results into the organization.

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