PAAN-Group Consulting joins the BOC Partner Network

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PAAN-Group now a part of the BOC partner network

We are pleased to announce a strategic partnership between BOC (Business Optimization Co.) and PAAN-Group Consulting, two organizations with different but complementary strengths.

About BOC

BOC is known for its expertise in developing groundbreaking strategies and leveraging advanced technologies to optimize business. With a data-centric approach, BOC enables companies to increase operational efficiency and capitalize on growth opportunities utilizing capabilities from their products ADONIS, ADOIT and ADOGRC.

About PAAN Group Consulting

PAAN-Group Consulting offers ESM & ITSM specific expertise and customer-centered implementation methods. By providing comprehensive consulting services, PAAN Group supports companies in overcoming complex organisational challenges while achieving sustainable growth in IT Service Management.

Reason and goals

This partnership is based on the mutual benefits that arise from combining the expertise of BOC and PAAN-Group Consulting. By integrating BOC’s product solutions with PAAN Group’s holistic consulting services, we want to offer our customers an unparalleled value proposition. Through this collaboration, we want to increase service quality, refine operational processes and offer innovative solutions.

Shared goals

The overall goal of this partnership is to synergize our collective competencies to help clients effectively adapt to dynamic business landscapes. The strategic integration of our resources and experiences will drive customer growth, stimulate innovation and facilitate change for companies in various sectors.

Planned initiatives

BOC and PAAN-Group Consulting have already made joint efforts to implement coherent solutions for clients’ strategic and operational complexities of modern companies. We provide resources to accelerate the deployment of integrated process frameworks, which in turn provide comprehensive problem-solving approaches.

Upcoming engagements

Stay up to date with upcoming social media posts. Visit our PAAN Group or BOC LinkedIn company profiles. These platforms will delve into the intricate details of our partnership and provide insights into the collaboration framework and its expected impact.

We are really excited about the prospects this partnership offer. By combining expertise and innovation, BOC and PAAN-Group Consulting are poised to foster mutually beneficial collaboration that goes beyond industry norms and contributes to the ongoing success of our clients.

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