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Paan-group service overview

PAAN-Group Services are comprised of four main pillars covering solutions for a broad spectrum of IT and Enterprise Service Management challenges faced by many organisations today. The aim is to combine and draw from the most relevant topics in order to create a service constellation that produce sustainable and scalable solutions for our clients. 

Business Digitalization

Business digitalization can mean different things for different organizations. Depending on your service & product offerings, your digital footprint and company culture, you will most likely define your own digital initiatives. We can support you in setting out a digitalization strategy and help you define and execute the roadmap to digital freedom. 

Digitalization Strategies

Digitalization as an enabler

Treat digitalization as an enabler for your business, not the main purpose of your business to reduce digital dependencies.

Degrees of digitalization

The highest level of digitalization may not always be the right one. Assess where you want to be and find your digital identity.

Automate business processes

Process automation is an integral part of digitalization. Define your automation strategy and the most suited tools.

Organisational shifts

Digitalization can shift your organizational culture. Ensure your teams are ready to support your digital endeavors.

Business to Service Integration

Impact to value

Understand what your digital strategy entails and what it impacts, how it changes your business models and services.

Integration points

Define the touch points to service areas such as security & compliance, technology & automation, customer relations & support.

Digital transformation

Plan and execute digital transformation of your services, not your business to ensure everything else follows.


Operationalize your digitalization strategies through the involvement and support of your teams.

Services in a Digital Age

Digital evolution of services

Map out a way how the progression of technology can enhance the digitialization of your services.

Customer benefits

External and internal customers expect good service. Amplify customer benefits through your digitalization efforts.

Staffing a digital mind

Find the right people and train the right mind set and build the needed capabilities for a digital service age.

Digital transition

Transition your organization and technology in parallel with strategy execution propelled by digital leadership.

Digital Data Needs

Business architecture

Mirror your business and digitalization efforts in your enterprise architecture to scale for transformation.

Master your data

Establish a master data plan enhancing data ownership & data quality to avoid interruptions in data transfer & accessibility.

Information from processes

Let your business and service processes guide the information requirements to identify digitalization opportunities.

Democratized data

Retain your system sovereignty while accommodating service-driven data needs across various data sources.

Digital and E-Learning

Training strategy

Define your training strategy and needs based on the expected outcomes of your service strategies and operational goals.

Pooling capabilities & skills

Each strategy defines the needed capabilities. Operationalize these by matching them with your teams’ skill sets.

Knowledge assessment

Assess the way you establish and convey knowledge within your organization and optimize content relevance & sharing.

Modular learning methods

Improve your current learning methods and formats based on your service functions and individual development needs.

Turn your story into an ITSM success story:

We have helped many of our clients determine the best approach to implementing and improving their ESM and ITSM practices. This included the above listed ESM and ITSM consulting considerations.

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