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PAAN-Group Services are comprised of four main pillars covering solutions for a broad spectrum of IT and Enterprise Service Management challenges faced by many organisations today. The aim is to combine and draw from the most relevant topics in order to create a service constellation that produce sustainable and scalable solutions for our clients.

Enterprise & IT Service Management

Services Value Assessment



Service Value Assessment

Our Service Value Assessment services focus on evaluating your service management functions while proposing improvement opportunities, highlighting potential risks in terms of service delivery, operational integration and organisational readiness.
We aim to turn customer experience into customer retention.

SaaD - Service as a Driver

Identify your services and service opportunities and let services be at the forefront of your decision making.

Know your customers

Treat internal users the same as your customers an they will become the main enabler for excellent customer experience.

Service meets customer needs

Derive service features and service benefits based on user demands, their requirements and usage scenarios.

Service through standardization

Train your support teams to become service-driven and customer-oriented utilizing service standardization.

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