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PAAN-Group Services are comprised of four main pillars covering solutions for a broad spectrum of IT and Enterprise Service Management challenges faced by many organisations today. The aim is to combine and draw from the most relevant topics in order to create a service constellation that produce sustainable and scalable solutions for our clients.

Enterprise & IT Service Management

Services Value Assessment



Process Optimization

Optimized processes reflect the way of working within your organization and your suppliers, and lay the foundation for any acquisition or consolidation efforts. In order to scale your organization, your foundation must be grounded with a set of process pillars addressing the life-cycle of your processes, from the draft board all the way to its execution.

Processes and organization

Your inventory of processes are closely tied to your teams. Understand the type, purpose and placement of your processes.

Process focus

Everything starts with processes and the people living them. Let the goals of your processes drive your technical ecosystem.  

ITIL & ISO standards

Standards are your compass. Know how to implement these within your organization getting the highest buy-in possible.

Enablement of roles

Aggregate tasks and responsibilities in process roles, and effectively place these where they belong within your organization.

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