Business Case Template

Create a business case as a mechanism for successful project reviews and approvals.

The purpose of this business case template is to provide a step-by-step guide for building a business case for a public-private partnership project.

The template provides an organized methodology for evaluating and describing a business scenario.

The business case is a means and medium that proposes the use of resources to pursue a business initiative. It is used to obtain approval for a proposed project.

A business case has three main goals:

  1. Present key information about a business proposal to decision makers in a consistent, balanced format that makes it easier to evaluate, compare and prioritize competing initiatives.
  2. Guide teams in developing their vision and plans in preparation for an upcoming project.
  3. Ensure resource allocation is based on a solid business foundation and aligned with the sponsoring organization’s priorities.


This business case template is intended to provide a common starting point for projects. However, no two projects are the same and no two business cases are the same. The business case for each project must include the key details and considerations for that project.

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