PAAN-Group Consulting was founded in 2014 and is headquartered in Berlin, Germany.

We are an IT Services consulting company with a service-centered focus on delivering service value for our clients. We do not merely consult our clients but actually execute the needed tasks together with them.
We accompany our clients on the journey of becoming a fully service-oriented IT organization. 

PAAN-Group Consulting takes on an end-to-end hands-on approach, encompassing all aspects needed to deliver according to service levels and in line with an overall IT strategy. Where needed, we also help define these.

Our customers operate in various industries, making us industry-independent. We support IT organisations of all sizes, operating locally as much as globally within single-vendor and multi-vendor environments. 


Paul Karnowka

Paul Karnowka is the founder and Managing Director of PAAN-Group Consulting.
Paul has been acknowledged as a key figure in driving change, implementing strategy and increasing performance with emphasis on customer needs and continual improvement. He brings pragmatic experience in IT service management in areas of infrastructure, operations & support, security, quality management, process optimization, project and service level management. His multicultural aptitude through cross-cultural management, extensive participation in international travel and leading global teams across the APAC, EMEA, and America regions have continuously proven to be of great benefit to the human aspects of doing business with our clients.

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Paul Karnowka
Anna Komar

Anna Komar

Anna Jolanta is the co-founder of PAAN-Group Consulting and has joined the company after a long international career a senior consultant at one of the big five consultant firms. Anna is the key person for driving new customer acquisitions and business relations and referrals. Furthermore, as an independent consultant, Anna has run numerous IT projects across the globe and has since developed and maintained strategic partnerships essential for the company's core services. Her experience in IT-based solutions range from large-scale SAP, all the way to logistics projects, and more recently consumer-facing e-commerce solutions. Her continuous aspirations to offer the highest degree of professionalism has laid the foundation for the way we build relationships with our clients.

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*according to the "Vendor Selection Matrix"™ - ITIL Process and Optimization Consulting 2019 Germany by Research in Action

With projects across the globe, our client base has been steadily growing each consecutive year.

Repeating customer inquiries and an increasing customer return rate prove our committment to customer satisfaction. 

Vendor Selection Matrix

Projekts we manage are in scope and budget, showing our competencies in supporting large scale initiavies.

Our network of experts continuously grows, allowing us to remain flexible and utilize highly experienced consultants.


We use best practice & industry standards

We lean our best practices on the leading industry trends and methodologies. Depending on our customer needs, we do not stringently adhere to these however, we rather draw back on them to ensure your endeavours are best matched with the available standards, unless of course it is your aim to implement a certain framework in its entirety.

We are service oriented

We firmly believe that one does not sell a product but the services adjoining it. This brings about the actual value-add proposition. We therefore remain sensitive and alert to the services you want to offer as part of your portfolio, aiming to prepare you for potential challenges and growth opportunities lying ahead of your organization.

We focus on customer satisfaction

We want to make sure your company gets the most out of our services and fully commit to your satisfaction. We make you aware of the organisational, procedural and technological aspects you may face as a result of the changes a project may have introduced.

Quality is in every aspect of our work

We have experience in implementing Quality Management Systems (QMS), strengthening customer relations, and preparing for external audits. This has induced the "quality" thinking we need to ensure quality gates are in place to measure our results.
Additionally we work out the needed mindsets with you in order to “live” your expected quality culture.



Lloyd-G.-Wells-Str. 21
14163 Berlin

Contact Information

Mail: info@paan-group.com
Phone: +49 (0) 30 250 17 900
Mobile: +49 (0) 152 2318 2497

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