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A healthy and sustainable ecosystem through integrated services


Service Integration Management (SIEM) 

Service Integration Management (SIEM), traditionally referred to as supplier management, spans across more than merely managing your internal and external suppliers. PAAN-Group Consulting has developed a service integration model, which supports the core emphasis of our comprehensive and sustainable end-to-end services approach. After years of experience in multi-vendor environments, we understand the intricacies and challenges this function poses. With our model we can help you identify, manage, and strengthen your service integration practices using our four main integration pillars. 

We help you determine the right roles & responsibilities, choose skill sets, and develop needed competencies to fit your service requirements.

We help you make your process maturity transparent, so you can measure performance, and optimize cycle efficiencies.

We help you choose the best tools and systems, so you can seamlessly integrate them into your solutions and organizational structures.

We help you select the right governance models so you can manage your services, measure your performance and monitor your processes.


Planing for and operating in a multi-vendor and -sourcing environment requires good tactical positioning and solid control mechanisms.  Feel free to Contact Us for a discussion about how we can help you manage such challenges, .


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