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Leadership is key for strategic decision-making



We believe that it is imperative to move IT from a mere supplier role to becoming a key driver for strategic business decision. This ensures that the service strategy is aligned with the business needs and that the IT value contribution can be measured in relation to existing and new growth models. 


Coaching CIOs and other IT leaders is part of PANN-Groups’ business. We highlight the importance of “strategic leadership” in comparison to leadership styles focused mainly on operations (fire-fighter) or a vision (dreamer). Strategic leadership combines the best of the two and balances the long-term vision with short-term activities essential to intrinsic as well as environmental circumstances. Together with our experts, our clients can formulate the best approach in drafting and implementing an IT service strategy using pragmatic and relevant business scenarios and communication tactics.

1. Human capital & organisational culture
2. Processes & Technology
3. Ecosystem 

PAAN-Group’s approach to establishing an IT Service Strategy is based on the following building-blocks:

Leadership determines the course of the strategy and sets examples through its behaviour and motivational attributes while transcending these to the teams. It follows a set of principles and defines the organization's role and position, determining and influencing strategic partnerships within the company.

The strategy itself is not the plan describing how the vision will be accomplished but how services will help and influence acieving overall business success. Planning happens through operational modelling, drawing guidance from leadership to empower the right decision-making for daily operations.



Even companies with a good IT strategy often face the challenge how to translate the strategy into operational goals and day to day activities. Using a set of core and peripheral elements your operating model can bring everything together for you to orchestrate the people, processes, and tools you need to effectively deliver services to your business.

The 7 steps to implement an Operating Model:

PAAN-Group Operating Model


• Improve your business performance
• Improve the relationship with your stakeholders
• Increase your service integration
• Improve your decision-making process
• Increase agility and adapt to changes
• Improve risks mitigation and remediation 

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