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PAAN-Group Consulting - Project Management

PAAN-Group Consulting has developed a project life-cycle incorporating an end-to-end approach as part of a comprehensive solution. Our model is upward and downward scalable, depending on the size of your organisation, structures, project complexity and your individual implementation needs.
We believe in this model and the fact that all life-cycle steps bring value to the overall project success, regardless whether agile or waterfall methods are used. 

A well defined scope is half the battle.

From the beginning, we help you granulate the scope of your project, Even if agile is the approach, we ensure you know what to expect and by when. We establish a roadmap that gets you to the finish line. We plan sprints or establish more traditional quality gates as part of the planning phase.

Integrating a controled project execution into your daily business.

We keep a tight ship on project performance using various pre-defined and dynamic control mechanisms. This applies to agile as well as traditional project management and includes among other aspects goals, deliverables, costs, and risks. In particular, we seek out dependencies and immediate benefits for your organization and work these into your daily operations.

Learning and improving

We believe a project is not finished until post-production support has been signed off on a given sprint package or the overall project. We hence perform thorough lessons learnt on the continous outcomes of the project and transition the results back into the next planing stage or more hollistically, into future operations. Where possible, we recommend industrialization measures to increase the flexibility of your project management framework ensuring consistent results for your organization.


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