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 Contact Centre Setup & Optimization 

Running a contact centre is a people business.
As your contact centre team deals with real people and their problems on a daily basis, the cultural aspects of such business should therefore not be disregarded, in particular if you plan to outsource such functions with a near-shore or far-shore strategy in mind. PAAN-Group Consulting has successfully setup and optimized various Service Desk and Operations Centre functions and teams across the globe and integrated these into other core teams and processes. We know what it takes to ramp up the desired response and resolution times to accommodate your customers’ needs.

Whether you want to outsource or setup your own team… our expertise can help with the following:

  • Team Setup
    Based on the areas of your support (customer service, remote infrastructure management, inbound / outbound, …), we define the profiles and relevant competency needs with you and assist you with your hiring and selection process. This may include running profile assessments, conducting tests and seminars for inter-personal / -cultural and communication skills, as well as defining the organisational dependencies of your new internal or external teams.
  • Support Processes
    Your contact centre is your first line of defence and the customers’ first point of contact for any inquiries they may have. The tasks of the service desk agent are therefore far-reaching and must be managed and controlled through effective process execution, especially if tied to any service levels you may have agreed to. We will help you design, implement and improve your support processes so that your organisation can shift away from fire-fighting and focus on the actual value-add of your IT services.
  • Emergency Response Concepts
    IT business continuity is critical to your business. We understand the planning and the personal drive which is required for this often neglected yet crucial concept. We will help you establish the best emergency response strategy in order to ensure pre-emptive detection and quick resolutions measures to combat your operational threats. 
  • Infrastructure & Systems
    Your backbone providing you with the capability to deliver your services must be intact and monitored. Starting with the customer-facing telephone system all the way to internal systems and managed security access to assets and information indispensable to your services. We will work with you make your requirements transparent and have the best fitted infrastructure in place for the delivery of your services. 
  • Ticketing Systems & CRM
    Choosing the right ticketing systems can be a confusing task as the most imminent functionality needs often outweigh the scalability considerations. This in turn is closely linked to investment versus operating costs. Depending on the actual role of your contact centre team, your tool requirements may vary. With the abundance of such applications on the market, we can help you identify the best solution for your organization and subsequently implement your support processes within the selected tools. 
  • Near-Shoring & Far-Shoring
    There are trends within the industry to make a company lean toward a certain location for a service / contact centre. Often this is tied to the development of the local infrastructure, access to the regional work force, language barriers, as well as political incentives issued by the governments. The largest impact however, rests with the cultural aptitudes of the service desk agents compared to the ones of your customer base. We have come to learn and anticipate the challenges you will face when choose a location as part of your sourcing strategy, may it be in Central & Eastern Europe or in the APAC region such as India. Regardless of your decision, your endeavours are a safe bet when considering our expertise in the matters of near- and far-shoring. 

Our Committment

PAAN-Group Consulting emphasises on the human factor when it comes to establishing, optimizing or even expanding your support functions such as the service desk and operations centre services. Having setup numerous support teams across the globe, we offer a solid experience vital to implement a sustainable solution for your business. Contact Us today for more information.


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